Friday, August 15

MMN: Eight 15

I burn a lot of candles and purchase a lot of fragrances, so it seemed very natural to share what I'm currently "smelling" each month.
Wearing: Dolce Vita's Knoxx Leather Pumps
Reading: The Pink Suit by Nicole Mary Kelby 
Carrying: Kate Spade New York Cedar Street Lewis Tote
Listening to: iLoveMakonnen {Club Goin Up on a Tuesday ft. Drake}
Burning: Wink Candle by Lilly Pulitzer
Watching: The Hundred Foot Journey by Lasse Hollstrom (trailer here)
Drinking: Peach Green Tea Lemonade @ Starbucks
Using: Luster Premium White Pro Light Teeth Whitening System 

Wednesday, August 13

Seen & Be Seen: AFforAC

Last Monday night, my beautiful friend Lauren and I attended the launch party for AshLee Frazier's line of jewelry that she created in collaboration with Accessories Concierge. The event was sponsored by Live Love Pop (amazing), AshLee Frazier, and Accessories Concierge. While we were there for the jewelry, we also caught the premier of Bachelor in Paradise on the big screen at Highland Park Village Theatre. It was very cool to hear explanations and get the inside scoop from AshLee during the commercial breaks. She was very sweet and very gracious, and we had a blast hanging out with her. 
{Dress: Vintage, Necklace: Bevello, Earrings: House of Harlow, Clutch: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Nails: Essie's Tiny Wine-ey Bikini}

Wednesday, July 30

Secret Garden

Beauty is something we talk so much about, but know so little. What is beauty? Who is beauty? Why is beauty important? How can we accomplish beauty? No one knows the answers to any of these questions, because beauty is not one thing. It's everything. It's nothing. It's subjective. It's not tangible. So why do we care so dang much about it? Why does it define us and what we do? Why does the halo effect actually work as a power of persuasion? Why does this subjective thing matter more to many employers than our resumes? These are the questions I ask myself and others around me all the time.

To be honest, I'm not a beauty blogger. I don't claim to know more about products, old or new, than anybody else. I know for a fact that I've probably tried a zillion products that have claimed to do something and failed. I know for a fact that I've tried very few products that work for me, and continue to work for me day in and day out without failing or falling short on their promises. What I can also tell you for a fact is that nothing is going to be as good or as bad for your overall beauty and health as the food you put in your body. Read Eat Pretty if you don't believe me. She knows what she's talking about, and this book changed my life.

Having said all of this, when I am asked to team up with a beauty brand, my answer is always, "yes". Do I think I will finally uncover the truths about any of the above questions? No, but I am always fascinated by trying out new looks, and seeing a new palette of eye shadow colors or a vial of vitamin C that claim to solve puffy eyes, dark circles, and world conflict make my heart race a little-just like the way the smell of Italian leather does. So, alas, when BA Star Makeup (who I've worked with before here) wanted to collaborate again with their Tropical Eye Shadow palette and glue eye shadow base, I of course said, "yes". 

When I received the sample of what is most certainly the brightest eye shadow I have ever owned, I was a little terrified to try it on for fear that I would look like a Toddler in Tiaras' "star", but I was shocked by how gorgeous it was. First, I put the glue on my eyelids so the eyeshadow wouldn't crease and it would hold all evening. Then I mixed the silver and green together for a base color-using just silver for the inner corners and under the lower lashes for a highlight. Then I filled in the crease using a light hand with the purple, and then I came back in to add some depth with a very very light sweeping of the hot pink. After I was finished, I added a thick line of Stila Smudge Pot eyeliner in Black (love the product), two swipes of NYT's Doll Eye Mascara in Extreme Black, a quick lick of NARS Schiap lipstick, and some Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener in Bisque and I was ready for the day & the night.

{Eyeshadow & Eyeshadow Glue: c/o BA Star, Top: Ruby & Jack, Lipstick: MAC in Schiap, Eyeliner: Stila Smudge Pot in Black, Mascara: NYX in Extreme Black, Tinted Eye Brightener: Bobbi Brown in Bisque}

So right now BA Star is offering 2 lucky readers a shot at a free Tropical Eyeshadow Palette and Shadow Glue--all you have to do is comment below and either tell me: what color you think you would use the most or what color you think you would use the least!
This post was sponsored by BA Star, but all opinions and photos are my own.