Wednesday, January 7

Link Up Wednesday

As we make our way through the week, we stumble across a variety of interesting articles that should be shared. Here is the weekly roundup that I found particularly interesting this week.

1. Is the 88-year-old Playboy Founder dead? The rumor that had the interweb all atwitter

2. What your airplane seat says about your personality.

3. Lilly Pulitzer for Target. The next big collab for the super store and the Palm Beach classic.

4. Jeff Koons. Artistic or off-putting?

5. Wondering how to be captivating? Here's how you can become the most compelling person ever.

6. Craving a flat white and can find one Stateside? Starbucks is now serving Flat Whites.

7. 79 Most Popular People on Instagram. You might be surprised.

8. You might want to get rid of your Keurig and switch to a French press...or anything else.

9. A hilarious recap of Monday night's season premiere of The Bachelor.

10. And just for good measure, which famous ginger is your soulmate?

Here are some sneak-peeks of  Lilly Pulitzer x Target collab #IWantItAll.

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Tuesday, December 30

Wine & Cheese

{Shirt: BP, Coat: c/o Oasap, Scarf: Burberry, Leggings: Dear Hannah, Shoes: Saucony, Purse: Tory Burch, Jewelry: Cartier, David Yurman, Nordstrom}

Sunday, December 28

Checks & Balances

I cannot stop wearing this vest! First of all, it's soo warm and during this cold season, it's absolutely perfect for any outfit topper (or under-topper). Secondly, it's a classic print that is easy to layer over pretty much anything. And lastly, it's RED buffalo check-need I say more?
{Vest: JCrew, Scarf: Scotland Cashmere, Leggings: Sopranos, Shoes: Dolce Vita, Turtleneck: JCrew, Coat: F21, Jewelry: Nordstrom, Tory Burch, Sarah Chloe, Cartier}